Massabesic United Soccer Club

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Recreation teams focus on enjoyment of the game and skill development in a non-results oriented environment.

Recreation players are placed on teams based on grade level. There are four levels: 

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st & 2nd grade
  • 3rd & 4th grade
  • 5th & 6th grade

Recreation practices for grades 1-6 will start in mid-August. Games will continue through mid-October. Kindergarten will likely play at Friendship Park in Waterboro early morning. 1st & 2nd grade teams play Saturday mid-morning at Bunganut Sports Complex in Lyman. 3rd & 4th grade teams play Saturday midday at Bunganut Sports Complex in Lyman. 5th & 6th grade teams play Saturday afternoons at Bunganut.

All players should have sneakers or cleats, water and shin pads. Please, soccer cleats only. Other cleats (such as baseball or football) will not be allowed for safety reasons. Mouth guards are not mandatory but are encouraged starting in grade 5/6. Players are encouraged to have their own soccer ball but it is not necessary. Each coach has a few extras with them.

Recreation Eligibility

• Entering Kindergarten through Sixth Grade (consideration given to Pre-K age)
• Player registers properly with Massabesic United
• No tryouts required

Modified Recreation Rules

 Ball Size  Game time Players on the field Referees Notes
Kinder3 15 min halves, sub @ 5 min 3v3, no goalie1 coach from each team No heading
Gr 1/24 20 min halves, sub @ 5 min 5v5, no goalie1 coach from each team No heading
Gr 3/44 25 min halves, sub as needed 7v7 including goalie 1 center ref No heading, no offsides
Gr 5/64 30 min halves, sub as needed 9v9 including goalie 1 center ref, 2 assistant ref when possibleHeading allowed
Offsides is enforced

FIFA: laws of the game