Massabesic United Soccer Club

Ammended - June 30th, 2010
Massabesic United Soccer Club


1.1 The name of this club shall be the Massabesic United Soccer Club (MUSC). The principal office of the club shall be in the state of Maine. The club shall designate a registered office in accordance with Maine law and will be affiliated with the Maine State Youth Soccer Association (United Soccer Federation of Maine, U.S.F.M.).


2.1 The purpose of the MUSC shall be:
a) To provide facilities, equipment, and personnel that instruct and foster the game of soccer.
b) To promote an atmosphere whereby players gain valuable experience in the game of soccer, and also have fun.
c) To provide leadership that promotes fairness, skill development, and sportsmanship.
d) To promote an atmosphere for social and emotional development for boys and girls between the ages of 5 through 19 that does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, creed, color, or national origin.
e) To encourage peer and family involvement.
f) To encourage and support development of soccer in Southern Maine.


3.1 There shall be kept, at a location designated by the Board of Directors, records of membership and complete accounts of the activities and transactions of the MUSC. These shall include, but are not limited to, a minute book, a copy of the MUSC philosophy, its By-Laws, and all Amendments.

3.2 Any Board member shall have the right, for any proper purpose and at any reasonable time, on written demand stating the purpose there of, to examine and make copies from the relevant books and records of accounts, minutes, and records of members of the club.


4.1 The annual meeting shall be held in the Spring at a convenient time and place as determined by the Board of Directors. (Annual registration and try-outs shall be held at convenient times and places determined by the Board. After the registration, the Board will determine the number of MUSC teams and age levels for the following season and will select the coaching staff.)


5.1 Members of the MUSC are comprised of the following:
a) Placement of an athlete on a team and payment of the Registration fee constitutes membership. In the event of financial hardship, members of the board may waive the registration fee for an athlete.
b) Parents (/guardians) of players as described in 5.1 (a) above are automatically members of MUSC. They will participate in activities supporting the club.
c) The coaching staff of the club as well as a representatives of the Massabesic United Soccer Club are members of the MUSC.


6.1 The general management of all affairs of the MUSC shall be vested in the Board of Directors, also known as the Board. The Board shall be comprised of three elected officials and three elected officers. The number of Directors may be increased to a maximum of nine, or decreased by election in accordance with these By-Laws, but shall never be less than three. The MUSC Board of Directors will work under the guidelines of the USYSA (U.S.F.M.).

6.2 Officers of the MUSC are defined as: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer (Registrar).

6.3 Voting Members:
a) Each Board Member will have (1) vote.
b) Each Coach and Assistant Coach will have (1) vote.
c) Officials designated by the President and any individual who is active in the corporation and is elected to voting membership by voting members will have (1) vote.

6.4 Duties:
a) President: Shall preside over all meetings of the Board, attend all league meetings and perform other duties as assigned.
b) Vice-President: Shall perform duties of the President, if required, and other duties as assigned. The Vice President will step up to the Presidency upon completion of the President’s term.
c) Secretary: Shall take the minutes of the Board Meeting. Shall give notice of all meetings. Shall maintain the minutes book and other official records. Shall perform other duties as assigned.
d) Treasurer: Shall collect, receive, disburse, and record all MUSC funds. Shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements. Shall deposit all monies in the name of MUSC. Shall be authorized to sign all checks. Shall render to the Board an account of all transactions. Shall perform other duties as assigned. Shall designate person(s) entrusted with depositing or disbursing MUSC funds.

6.5 Removal from Office:
a) Failure of any Board member to attend fifty percent of the meetings in a six month period, without valid reason, shall subject that Board member to removal from the Board.

Further, at any meeting of the Board of Directors called expressly for that purpose, any board member may be removed from office, with or without cause, whenever, in its judgment, the best interests of the Club will be served.
1) Removal of a Board member requires a unanimous vote of the existing Board not including the subject Board member.
2) Written notification of dismissal must be submitted to the subject Board member.
3) Subject Board member has a right of written appeal within thirty (30) days of dismissal.
4) A new director may be elected by the Board for the unexpired term of the director removed from office at the same meeting at which such removal was voted.

6.6 Elections
a) Nominations will be accepted from and voted on by the adult MUSC membership, for all vacancies at the annual meeting.
b) Vacancies on the Board that occur mid-term will be filled by appointment of the Board until the next general meeting.
c) Advisors to the Board may be appointed by the Board as necessary. These advisors are non-voting members of the Board.

6.7 All Board meetings are open to the general membership of the Club. A time in each meeting will be set aside for the members to address the Board.

6.8 Special Board meetings shall be held upon the request of any Board member, specifying the time, date, place, and purpose of the meeting. Phone communication by an individual board member with the President to respond to singular issues may take place with documentation of the matter placed in the minutes of the next Board meeting. This communication does not replace a regular Board meeting.

6.9 In order to conduct business a minimum of (3) Board members must be present.

6.10 Except where otherwise specified, a simple majority vote of the existing Board and voting members constitutes an official vote. The President votes only to break a tie.


7.1 These By-Laws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new By-Laws may be adopted by the Board; provided that any By-Laws or amendments thereto adopted by the Board may be altered, amended, or repealed by vote of the Board, or a new By-Law in lieu thereof may be adopted by the Board.

7.2 Verbal notice must be given to all Board members ten (10) days prior to a meeting for the purpose of altering or amending these By-Laws.

7.3 Ten (10) days verbal notice may be waived by a unanimous vote of all existing Board members.


8.1 All MUSC coaches must be Board approved and at least 18 years old. Assistant coaches selected by the coach and confirmed by the Board must be at least 16 years old.

8.2 The Board can intercede on a coach’s philosophy only when the team or its players are adversely affected by that philosophy, i.e., abusive language, cancellation of a game, failure to follow policy set by the Board.


9.1 Any player receiving a “yellow card” may be subject to sitting out the remainder of the game.

9.2 Any player receiving a “red card” will sit out the remainder of the game plus the next game.

9.3 Any player missing one (1) game without valid reason shall be subject to sitting out the next game. The coach will make this determination.

9.4 Upon notification to the player’s parent/guardian and the Board by the coach, habitual absenteeism from practices or games subject that player to suspension from the team. Board approval is necessary for dismissal.

9.5 Upon notification to player’s parent/guardian and the Board by the coach, habitual use of abusive language and/or behavior shall subject that player to suspension or dismissal from the team. Board approval is necessary for dismissal.

9.6 The coach has the right to bring disciplinary issues regarding a player or a parent/guardian to the Board for appropriate action.


10.1 The primary reason for the MUSC shall be to assign players to league teams of defined age groups in divisions supervised by an adult commissioner. These league teams will constitute the recreational (REC) league within the MUSC. Players may be encouraged to tryout for the traveling teams that emphasize the more competitive aspects of soccer.

10.2 Travel team try-outs may be conducted for the fall league season. The time, date, and place for the tryouts shall be determined by the coaches and approved by the Board. (Two dates will be scheduled each year. Each candidate must be evaluated by at least 2 coaches).

10.3 Any child physically and mentally fit to participate in soccer will be allowed to participate in the “Rec” program provided they adhere to the MUSC code set forth in Art. IX.

10.4 From the results of the try-outs, the coaching staff participates in the selection of the players for each team (The head coach will submit to the coaching staff a proposed roster and suggested cuts at a coaches meeting for comments, recommendations, and suggestions by the coaching staff.) The head coach has the final decision on the team roster. Each try-out participant will be notified by the head coach regarding the result of the try-out.

10.5 Registration fees shall be determined by the Board.

10.6 Players of the MUSC are SAD #57 residents or from neighboring communities that do not have an existing state affiliated soccer team.

10.7 If awards are given, they must be given to every player of the MUSC for the fall league season. No player shall be singled out for a special award.

10.8 Players are to play on a team, were the team and players ability work well together regardless of age. Only exception is players in the classic soccer program must be age 8 as of August 1st of the season year.


11.1 Fund Raising: Shall be responsible for raising funds to supplement the annual budget of the MUSC. The committee shall consist of a minimum of one Board member and two or more club members.

11.2 Other committees may be added by the action of the Board as they become necessary. The committee title, its function, and membership shall be added to the By-Laws.


12.1 No part of the earnings of the MUSC shall benefit or be distributed to its members or other private parties except for official club business.

12.2 Upon dissolution of the MUSC, the Board after paying all liabilities of the MUSC, shall dispose of the assets of the MUSC to such organizations that operate exclusively for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes.

12.3 The soccer equipment (balls and goals) will be divided equally between the towns of Alfred, Lyman, and Waterboro as they participated in the initial funding of this equipment.